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4 Ways Collaborative Music Enhances the Workplace

Culture & Engagement

Nothing brings people together like great music, so why not get a great music experience in the workplace? When employees go to work, they generally have no other expectations for the day other than to complete their tasks and prepare for the next day. In simpler words, they’re just “takin’ care of business.” However, by providing interactive music as a unique, fun, and universally-enjoyable benefit to employees, companies can build a more dynamic workplace culture that engages and inspires their employees throughout the workday. The tunes set the vibe, making day-to-day tasks feel a little less like “work” and, in turn, provide a shared experience that employees can bond over and look forward to each day.

Employees are increasingly seeking benefits that go beyond the standard perks of the job. They are delving deeper into what sets their current or prospective employer apart from other companies vying for top talent, specifically the existing workplace culture. Music is an undeniable solution to a stagnant working environment. From strengthening employee morale to improving overall job performance, here are four key ways employees benefit from music in the workplace:


1. Music builds motivation while simultaneously reducing stress.


According to a journal published by Frontiers in Neuroscience, studies show a direct correlation between music and how it triggers our sense of motivation. While powering us up for productivity, music can simultaneously and significantly reduce stress levels in our brains, causing our moods to shift away from feelings of anxiety. By making music accessible in the workplace, companies can inspire motivation among employees to achieve their goals while diminishing much of the acquired stress or pressure from work.


2. Listening to music at work can improve focus and ultimately enhance job performance.


Not only does music motivate us, but it can also help us focus on the task at hand. Our brains welcome the much-needed distraction music provides from any internal or external stress we’re experiencing. A seasoned runner, for example, might listen to "Eye of the Tiger" to get in the zone as they prepare for their first marathon, while fulfillment center workers might prefer "Workin' For The Weekend" and tech office workers might prefer "Sunroof." Being well-positioned to focus can free up more time for employees to prioritize their job performance, whether it’s achieving their quarterly goals or seeing a project through to completion.  


3. Music increases our sense of happiness overall.


Numerous studies prove that music improves our mood. However, we don’t need research to confirm that when we hear our favorite songs playing, our natural reaction is to sing along or bust a move! Our days are instantly made when we hear beloved nostalgic tunes like “Take on Me” by A-ha or the latest chart-toppers from Harry Styles. Music has the power to cultivate a positive and joyful environment that employees benefit from and look forward to each day.


4. Music creates social connections and bonds.


Music is a powerful social magnet that brings people together. The infamous "water cooler movement" has since spread beyond the breakroom to the open office and to Slack channels everywhere, where employees gather to socialize and collaborate—whether it be to connect about the latest pop culture trends or top hit songs. Casual interactions between employees are proven to increase engagement and personal satisfaction while also allowing employees to get to know one another on a personal level, thereby creating the ultimate workplace culture. With collaborative and interactive music, employees contribute in a significant way to creating a workplace that rocks, allowing team members to create an environment that truly reflects who they are and what they love while also connecting with like-minded individuals.

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