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Inclusivity Reverberates Throughout Workplaces in the U.S.

Inclusivity & Diversity

There’s a reason why music, more than any other pastime, seems to bond and unite humanity. As vocalist Ella Fitzgerald so eloquently said, “music is the universal language… it brings people closer together.”  There is certainly a case for the connecting power of song as shown in countless studies. For example, research shows that rhythm and synchronized dancing activate brain areas that experience satisfaction and reward. In another study, anthropologists speculate that rituals involving synchronous activity, such as listening to music with others, dancing or singing, produce positive emotions that weaken the boundaries between oneself and the group. 

As we embark on National Hispanic Heritage Month (NHHM), it’s worth noting that music plays an important role in cultural, as well as sociological topics like gender and diversity. Here are a few examples of how music fosters an inclusive workplace environment for people of all backgrounds: 

Music Improves Interpersonal Communication and Pro-Social Thinking:


Facilitating music listening in a workplace environment promotes strong social bonds and positive thinking towards fellow coworkers. Studies have shown that integrating music, movement and visual information enhances interpersonal coordination. For example, working efficiently and effectively with colleagues strengthens bonds among the participating group. 


Music Sparks Inclusivity Between Employees of Various Cultural Backgrounds:


One of many unique attributes of music is there are countless hits from artists around the world. Latin Music played during National Hispanic Heritage Month especially represents the celebration of Spanish-speaking regions but also allows a listener from any background to feel included in the appreciation of the culture. And when it comes to music fan clubs, A BTS “ARMY” (the name of the K-pop group’s fan group) might come across another “ARMY member” at work when they find themselves lip-synching to the same song. Or the same might happen in the example of Taylor Swift’s “Swifties” or the Beatles' “Apple Scruffs.” In many ways, music is the bridge that closes the gap between individuals and cultures in the workplace. By sharing enjoyment of the same tune, diverse groups may gain a sense of comfort and familiarity which creates ground to culturally relate within the atmosphere that music provides.


Music Is How We Celebrate One Another:


Whether it’s playing a team member’s personal “anthem” or setting a festive vibe after closing a big deal, music is a celebration of the team and the individuals who deserve accolades. After all, who doesn’t love being recognized? A recent Gallup survey revealed that when workplace recognition is done right, employees are four times as likely to be engaged and 56 percent less likely to look for other job opportunities.  Consider curating a custom playlist for each employee and let it reverberate throughout the office as a reward for an epic win. Data shows that personalized, authentic recognition has the most impact, and it goes the extra mile in showing you care about the interests of your team.


Music is a Great Educator:


Music represents an employer’s openness and willingness to explore new concepts. Be it language, ideas, sociology, or knowledge, there is always something to be learned while listening to music. In fact, countless studies have been done to show that music enhances our ability to study and retain information. This is because music engages the areas of the brain involved with paying attention, making predictions and memorization.


At TouchTunes Unlimited, we believe in the uniting power of music; with hundreds of playlists and thousands of artists from around the globe, you can amplify your workplace as an environment where all employees feel included and valued. 

If you’d like to honor NHHM in the workplace, you’ll be pleased to know that TouchTunes Unlimited offers an extensive Latin music catalog full of festive music for all to enjoy. Play your part in creating an inclusive space that rocks by installing a personalized TouchTunes Unlimited jukebox at your workplace location.