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A Forum For Productivity - How Music in the Workplace Creates a Steady Drumbeat of Employee Engagement


On a mission to create a collaborative environment and implement an innovative design in their 250-person Chicago flex-first office, Reddit turned to TouchTunes to boost employee satisfaction and create a steady drumbeat of productivity. After playing music via a Bluetooth speaker that was linked to an employee’s smartphone – and experiencing multiple interruptions that crushed the vibe every time the phone received a notification or moved out of reach — the Reddit team knew it was time to find a steady solution to keep the office energy lively. They took to the internet to conduct a search for “in-office jukebox” and found TouchTunes Unlimited, the vibrant, upbeat solution specifically for workplaces that would break through the uncomfortable silence that may otherwise linger in the office.

Conquering their previous challenges of interrupted music, poor-quality streaming, limitations on user selections and the inability to have control over musical content, TouchTunes’ impact reverberated throughout the open concept office. With the jukebox stationed in their main workspace where employees work and chat throughout the day, they experienced a boost in engaging conversation and laughter that flowed around the shared music. Microbreaks were enjoyed with a musical backdrop, and the team was even more motivated to tackle their work.



Bring Team Members Back in Office
With 90 percent of companies reporting that they will require employees to return to the office at least part-time, many employers are seeking ways to cultivate an engaging in-office environment where workers look forward to their return to in-person. For Reddit, this meant finding a workplace benefit that further enhanced their culture of true community and belonging. Since the summer of 2022, Reddit’s Chicago office, which is used as a “meeting hub” for team members, has featured the TouchTunes Unlimited jukebox to bring music, joy, and connectedness to the team. As research shows music supports productivity, stimulates mood, and reduces stress  – the TouchTunes Unlimited jukebox has become the perfect addition to the Reddit workspace.


Create a Collaborative Culture
Social connections are critical to workplace performance, yet not all companies place enough emphasis on establishing or welcoming a sense of social connection and friendship between employees. In fact, many employed in “traditional roles” are building workplace connections less frequently. When colleagues have mutual trust and respect, they are more engaged, have more fun together, and are willing to go above and beyond. For Reddit team members, they are encouraged to discover and share personal musical preferences and collaborate on choosing the music they want to hear in their space. Through this personal selection process, they are naturally empowered to express their unique selves, which instills a sense of belonging and holds true to Reddit’s ethos of instilling a sense of belonging. And, individuals who feel like they belong at work are five times more likely to remain at their workplace for a long time.


Keep the Office Lively & Foster Creativity
The truly unique and diversified beauty is that just as one pop song comes to a close, another team member hits play on a classic country tune, re-energizing the vibe and sharing a piece of their personality. And just as happy music has shown to foster more divergent thinking—a key element of creativity - the Reddit team especially appreciates the ability to ensure that appropriate songs are played while welcoming more people to contribute to sharing their favorite tunes with the team. Additionally, the team is enjoying the fresh conversation around the jukebox without spending too much time away from the day’s tasks – the way a ping pong or foosball table might.



The results “played” for themselves when the Chicago Reddit office installed their TouchTunes Unlimited jukebox, and they often have a queue of requested songs lined up. Proving the notable increase in the sense of belonging and individuality, the team says you can definitely tell which employees are in the office on a particular day based on whether Harry Styles is flowing through the speakers or 90s rap is playing steadily. Employees chat and laugh as they select new songs throughout the day, and it never goes unnoticed when someone selects a dance-worthy jam, like the time an employee played Backstreet Boys and everyone burst into laughter as the office energy instantly leveled up.

Ultimately, the TouchTunes jukebox at the Reddit location has brought people together, as music intrinsically tends to do. It creates conversation and makes employees feel more comfortable and at home, which in turn has boosted the office energy and made the workdays happier and more productive overall. Their team is always searching for creative ways to cultivate an office environment where people are excited to show up for work every day, and music through the TouchTunes Unlimited jukebox has done just that. From implementing employee personal touches of incorporating college fight songs to making the installation process seamless, one Reddit executive said, “TouchTunes feels more like a partnership than a purchase.” And there’s no pause in sight, as Reddit is implementing TouchTunes Unlimited to additional office locations to continue investing in their employees and carrying out their core character of instilling a sense of community and belonging.