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An Employee Amenity that Draws a Crowd - How Music Brings Employees Together


With the ultimate goal of bringing more employees back into the office following the pandemic, Indianapolis-based law firm Barnes & Thornburg turned to TouchTunes to make “back to work” an exciting experience for all. After breaking ground on a new 4,000-square-foot breakroom, called the Cafe’, that takes up the entire fourth floor of the headquarters office, the firm was eager to amplify the impressive space with high-quality amenities. Feeling dissatisfied with the low-energy music played in their lobby via satellite radio, executives were hopeful to welcome a new solution into their break room. From the beginning, the executive team had a vision of incorporating an old-style jukebox to bring the joy of music to the entire office – what they didn’t know at the time was that a modern-day version existed that would soon bring their Cafe’ visions to life. It wasn’t until their facilities manager went to lunch and noticed a TouchTunes jukebox in a restaurant that the idea for the vibrant hub of the Cafe’ was realized.

The TouchTunes Unlimited jukebox, specifically modeled for the workplace, was able to provide what a classic jukebox and satellite radio could not – a completely digitized, modern and collaborative experience that uplifted the Café’s environment and vibe, making people want to return to the space. Without holding an official announcement, leaders “let the music do the talking” at the Cafe’s open house event, and the instant smiles from everyone who walked through the door said more than any words. The jukebox was an instant hit and quickly created meaningful interactions while encouraging workers to be more relaxed and conversational.



Energize Employees to Return to the Office
With the pandemic driving many workers to their homes and staying there for the following years, the leaders at Barnes & Thornburg wanted a creative and energizing way to welcome workers back into the office.

With a TouchTunes Unlimited jukebox, the new 4,000 square-foot Café was more than a room; it was an experience where all employees could have a say in what makes their day more fun and productive through selecting their preferred songs, just like they could at home. By welcoming interactive music as a mainstay at the office, the team benefitted from music’s proven ability to reduce stress, boost creativity, and increase overall happiness and satisfaction at work.


Encourage Conversations
As many companies faced the challenge of bringing workers back into the office, Barnes & Thornburg saw an opportunity. They sought to integrate an interactive musical experience into the office as a conversation starter – and it did just that.

While introducing the new modern jukebox at its open house event, leaders immediately noticed that employees became more excited and interacted with each other in a livelier manner. In fact, most team members began playing songs immediately without any instruction, as they were familiar with the TouchTunes jukebox from their favorite local hangouts. It was like a piece of home brought to life in their workspace. And with music that represented every individual’s background, there was a new way to feel represented and encourage the question, “who picked this song?” Various tracks caused people to bond based on musical taste, precisely the result the leadership team hoped for.


Create a Fun Environment
The legal industry is well known to have a higher tendency for stress and burnout, so the Barnes & Thornburg team were proactive in identifying new ways to bring fun into the work environment and allow employees to either relax, strike up a new conversation or even let loose with the music. They were pleasantly surprised at how many genres and song choices came up when browsing the extensive catalog, unlike the online radio they had utilized in the past that only offered a limited number of stations. Every employee had the opportunity to feel represented and contribute to the café's environment by creating their own customized playlist. From modern pop and lively country options to classic rock and easy-listening blues, the place came to life when a chosen set of songs were selected.

 Workers could sit back with their favorite meal and enjoy music that complemented the food and panoramic fourth-floor views. By partnering with TouchTunes, the law firm saw an instant boost in excitement and enthusiasm in the Café and as employees enjoyed a reenergizing break from the busy workday.



“People dig it.” The proof is in the faces of each employee who enters the Cafe’. After law firm Barnes & Thornburg installed a TouchTunes Unlimited jukebox in their Indianapolis, Indiana headquarters, there was a beehive of activity in the fourth-floor Café. Workers would notice someone walking into the space from their offices smiling and instantly sparking conversation with others who were headed to the Cafe’. Everyone came into the room excited about the jukebox and eager to take their turn, setting the vibe with their favorite tunes. One executive is known to push play on metal and hard rock, while Beyoncé is frequently selected by other team members to hit  the soundwaves.

There was no force needed to get team members to return to the office because the jukebox did much of the heavy lifting. TouchTunes helped leadership create an environment in the Café conducive to creating conversations, relaxation and fun. The Barnes & Thornburg team began interacting more with one another and enjoying the in-office experience like never before with an energetic and lively space. And although the TouchTunes app makes song selection a cinch, many team members still choose to gather around the jukebox to interact directly while engaging and bonding with colleagues – a win-win.