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Work at TouchTunes

Join the band.

At TouchTunes, we bring people together through the power of music. From engineers and marketers to designers and other creative visionaries, we’re on the lookout for people who share our passion for finding the sweet spot where tunes and technology make the world a more musical place.

employees using the jukebox
Our Core Values

We are customer-focused.


We are one team.


We lead the way.


We strive for excellence.


We are as diverse as the music we play.


We keep it simple.


We do the right thing.


We celebrate our wins and our lessons.


We are passionate about music, art & culture.


Our Offices (yes, they all have jukeboxes).

New York
New York, NY
Schaumburg, IL
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Montreal, QC
London, UK

Jukebox Heroes

Have a backstage look at why a career at TouchTunes hits all the right notes — all from real employees who make a real impact every day.  


Web Developer

Typical work day
I grab some fruit from the office kitchen and meet with my teammates early. We follow agile/scrum ceremonies, so we base our day by focusing on what we did in the previous day, what we’re currently doing, and what will be done by tomorrow. Everything is shared with our colleagues, so we are all aware of what everyone is doing and who needs help.

Our typical activities range from feature development, code maintainability, code review, and technical analysis to writing documentation and delivering presentations.

The TouchTunes way
Our agile development is done “the TouchTunes way” – always being flexible, looking at the current state of things, analyzing, taking decisions, adapting for the near future, and doing all that in a very dynamic and fun way, working as a big team.

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mobile phone

Mobile Team Lead

The mobile team mandate
Our team builds, maintains and improves the TouchTunes mobile app. We have a team of producers who manage the product, collecting insights from the marketing teams and ideas from leadership, and come up with the next features.

Our developers consult on how to implement designs, by determining what’s possible…mapping out the estimates and requirements, and the technical specs, etc. We’re involved in a lot of meetings. Then, the fun part - hammering out code, fixing bugs, and shipping product.

An open culture
One reason I love TouchTunes is, you know there’s a hierarchy, but you don’t feel it on a personal level. If I want to know something, I can just talk to the right team or person. I can go talk to the vice president if I want to. In some companies, teams don’t interact like this.

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design actions

UI/UX Designer

A role in role play
My job is understanding our customers and users – their behaviours, needs, and hopes and dreams when they use our apps and products. I try to empathise with them so we can come up with new features and designs that make their lives easier, and their goals more intuitive to reach.

No "typical" day
My day-to-day tasks vary a lot, depending on where each project is within the design and development cycle. One day I could be writing research questions and reading user experience (UX) studies, another day I could be working out user journey maps and flow diagrams, or yet another day, I could be wireframing or designing final visual user interface components, app screens and websites!

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music speaker

Senior Marketing Manager

Music, consumer & social media
My role covers a few areas: In music marketing, I oversee our label relations, working closely with the three major labels, as well as various sub- and independent music labels. We discuss new music coming out, priority tracks and artists, and promotional opportunities In consumer marketing, I help run all tentpole promotions for major seasonal holidays and promote theme/seasonal jukebox interfaces. As an example, I helped promote TouchTunes’ themed playlists by running 40 seasonal ad campaigns across the jukebox, featuring playlists related to The Grammy’s, Valentine’s Day, Black History Month and more. I also manage our social media platforms, working to post good content, engage with fans and grow our audience.

Typical day
Every day is a little bit different at TouchTunes, which keeps it exciting! Many days, I find myself working on music label promotions, which includes various meetings with music labels, creating creative briefs, posting on social media, and more.

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QA Analyst

Typical day
On a typical day, I'll spend time researching requirements for new features or products we’re developing, and then create testing strategies based on those requirements while outlining potential development hurdles to minimize areas of risk. I’ll envision the user scenarios required to encapsulate how the products will be used, design testing strategies to cover potential areas of outlined risk and conduct testing to ensure new features/products are as expected. Of course, I’ll also go to meetings, answer messages, and interact with the development team. There is a great deal of cross-functional involvement in bringing a new feature to market.

Best part of the job
What I enjoy most about my job is bringing features and product to market and contributing to users enjoying the products we release. I like being involved in the entire lifecycle and minimizing risk.

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