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Striking accord: Can music improve office culture?

At TouchTunes, music is always on our minds. That’s how the company got started. We believe in the power of music to bring people together, create fun and relaxing environments, and instil positive memories.

Our award-winning digital jukeboxes have long been staples in restaurants, bars and other social venues. Now, thanks in large part to our talented development team, the TouchTunes mobile app is showing up in workplaces, breakrooms, schools and more, giving users access to a vast selection of licensed songs and expertly curated channels without having to leave their seats.

But what’s it like to be a software developer at a tech company so obsessed with music? Here, we explore the sweet spots where music and tech link up – and harmonize.


Come Together: Building a more musical world through tech


With our robust tech stack and diverse product offering, there is a truly boundless range of directions a developer can take at TouchTunes. At the end of the day, the code we’re hammering out, the bugs we’re fixing, and the products we’re shipping all contribute to making the world a more musical place. Users of our products become curators of vibes and architects of good times. The more our users love our products, the more songs they play. And the more songs they play, the more we get to keep the music going by continuously improving our performance and introducing new features. It’s a win-win.

Into the Groove: How music permeates our day-to-day


While devs often cite coding as their true love, working in such a music-infused environment can be particularly enticing if you happen to be passionate about both tech and tunes. It’s not just about the jukeboxes either: music tends to show up in our day-to-day fairly often – for example, when we’re listening to an intimate, in-office concert, or mingling with colleagues whose missions include hobnobbing with labels and artists, sneaking peeks at new music, and curating killer playlists.


My Music at Work: As much or as little as you want


TouchTuners are an eclectic bunch when it comes to their musical tastes and abilities. Our team is comprised of 150 smart, fun and interesting individuals bringing a wealth of diverse opinions to the table. And while we do attract a disproportionate number of wildly talented musicians, some of whom are generous enough to share their gifts with the rest of us from time to time – you don’t have to play an instrument, be a hardcore music nerd or even particularly like listening to music at work to find a home here.

Some TouchTuners do really enjoy out-loud musical accompaniment while on the job, because it makes them feel more connected and less isolated. For example, our hardware team seems to collectively bond over 80s pop rock, like Blondie, the Go-Gos, and Tom Petty. A well-chosen playlist can elevate the atmosphere of an office from quiet and stoic to pleasant and buzzy. Even the weather can influence the chosen soundtrack – when all the leaves are brown and the skies are grey, few of us are in the mood for aggressive “mm-tss mm-tss” beats. And of course, we’re confident that when choosing what music to listen to at work, TouchTuners always opt for the app’s helpful language-appropriate catalog.

Other TouchTuners like to limit the scope of their tunes to their own ears. We have developers who tend to go for lo-fi and indie-pop, and others who are on a hip hop kick; and one who pretty much exclusively plays 90s postpunk as he codes. Hey – we love diversity and freedom to choose.

Listening to music can also put you in a zone that’s not entirely unlike being immersed in a particularly enjoyable bit of code – there’s a certain rhythm and flow to both activities. And music, as we all know, can boost moods, reduce stress, build motivation, and spark creativity.

Of course, there will always be those who prefer to enjoy the silence – but we’ll never hold it against them!

If tech and music are your twin passions, we’d love to talk to you. And if tech is #1 in the charts of your heart, we’d love to talk to you, too.