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Top 10 Songs That Kept Our Workplaces Cool for the Summer

2022 Summer Songs

With the last days of summer rolling in, workers across the country are mustering momentum for the final stretch of warm weather. You’re not alone if you’ve spent a bit of time indoors at the office during the past few months battling the summer slump. In fact, 25 percent of workers report feeling less productive at their jobs during June, July and August compared to the rest of the year. 

During the hottest months of the summer, there was more than air conditioning keeping us cool and productive. Our team checked the charts, and these hits were the ‘coolest’ based on the number of plays from our TouchTunes Unlimited jukebox extensive catalog. So, whether you’re still feeling the heat of the season, or you want to carry summer vibes into the coming months, check out these tracks: 

  1. Tennessee Whiskey: Like a tall glass of iced tea in the shade, this classic country jam brings quenching relief to any sizzling day. Tennessee Whiskey is an R&B-influenced cover of the original David Allan Coe song and features the oaky voice of Chris Stapleton. A summertime staple since 2015, it’s easy to see why this bluesy track helps us through any blistering workday.

  2. Sweet Child O’ Mine: Does it get more blazing than a Guns n’ Roses hit? One word describes this gritty and rocky ode to the warmest months: timeless. Originally written as a love song, it's easy to see why so many have fallen in love with this melody over and over again since the album Appetite for Destruction’s release in 1987. 

  3. Blinding Lights: This electro-pop hit from artist The Weekend became an instant summer favorite with its release in 2019. The song took off even further when it became part of a viral “Tik Tok” dance in 2020 featuring a humorous spin. It’s been charting during the warmer months ever since. We love the chill vibes it brings to workplaces and hope it stays high on the list for a while.

  4. Cold Heart (PNAU Remix): The music trend in this decade is bringing innovative spins to classic songs and voices. This particular track features the timeless work of Elton John with a fresh bolt of inventiveness from Dua Lipa’s melodic vocal range. When we hear this beat erupt in the office, we can’t help but feel the instant relief of jumping into the pool on a July day. 

  5. Never Gonna Give You Up: Watch out August because you’ve officially been RickRolled! The summertime theme for all ages brings fun and excitement to any work Friday. Released in 1987 by singer/songwriter Rick Astley, this is one of those tunes you can’t help but sing along to– and maybe do a little dance at your computer– sometimes the beat really does get you.  

  6. You Shook Me All Night Long: A traditional ballpark favorite, You Shook Me All Night Long has made us feel oh-so-cool since 1980. AC/DC brings all the sporty sensation of drinking an icy coke at the game, and you never even have to leave your desk chair. It’s easy to see why workplaces are loving it in the office.

  7. Don’t Stop Believin’: Point of view–it’s August in 1982. You just arrived at your work building in your Ford Sierra. Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ comes on the radio as you walk into the building and greet your coworkers. Fast forward to today, and this inspiring jam is still getting us pumped for big presentations and promotions, and it certainly seems to amp up the summery vibes in any workplace. 

  8. Whiskey Glasses: This 2018 country hit by Morgan Wallen is sure to put a boost in office morale during those dog days of summer. With a catchy tune and upbeat bass, this track gets the team motivated for any project and especially compliments a Friday playlist. 

  9. Good Days: “Angelic” and “heavenly” are two words that describe this 2020 R&B song by SZA. The flow of the beat is effortless, featuring melodic and narrative-driven tones which bring the ice to any sweltering day. Also, with SZA’s and Beyonce’s dreamy vocals as a backdrop, it's no wonder this musical sensation makes it into the top 10 for workplaces all over the country.

  10. Damage: We round out the top 10 with yet another 2020 R&B harmony. Damage by H.E.R. is everything we need and more. The atmosphere of the steady beat mirrors Good Days (#9) almost to a tee and proves why R&B has a strong presence in the workplace. Like a blast of cool wind out in the sun, this song is a summertime favorite for a reason. We look forward to seeing if it makes an even higher presence on the top 10 list next year.

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