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TouchTunes Unveils New Mobile App For Music Lovers, Driving Continued Innovation of the Digital Jukebox Experience

The exciting new social entertainment app will completely elevate the consumer experience and allow users to engage and connect in person through music like never before

LAS VEGAS, NV - March 19, 2024 - TouchTunes Music Company, LLC (“TouchTunes”), North America’s largest in-venue interactive music and entertainment platform, is unveiling a completely revamped mobile app today at Amusement Expo. The new mobile app makes the digital jukebox experience more seamless and engaging, connecting consumers in person through the power of music like never before.

Planning a night out and want to find a restaurant or bar with the perfect vibe? With the new mobile app, users can now explore all TouchTunes jukebox locations from the new interactive map, save their favorite places, and filter by recent check-ins. Playlist aficionados can now show off their DJ skills by curating their perfect playlist before a night out with friends without needing to check in to a venue first. The new search and browse functions make it easy to plan ahead by finding the closest TouchTunes venue with music to match any mood. This should be easy enough, as there are more TouchTunes digital jukebox locations in North America than Starbucks, Subway, Walmart, and McDonald's combined!

“People are craving human connection in the real world now more than ever, and nothing brings people together like music,” said Ross Honey, CEO of TouchTunes. “We’ve created a world-class social music app that lets you take off your headphones and connect in person through your favorite songs, for those memorable moments we all treasure.”

Another exciting update means users will now get a better understanding of when their song will play when things get busy. With the new “Full Queue Visibility” feature, users can follow their song’s progress with real-time status updates and scroll through the entire queue to know exactly where they are in line to hear their song. Combined with a future “FastPass” enhancement, users can not only see their song’s position in the queue but choose to spend a few extra credits to hear it sooner.

“These developments are a testament to our ongoing commitment to invest in innovation that provides the best user experience,” added Honey.

The future of the jukebox is looking more social than ever thanks to TouchTunes’ biggest update in years. Users will soon have more opportunities to engage with others on the platform, for instance by reacting to song choices with emojis, increasing another player’s chance to be featured in the app’s new leaderboards. The forthcoming “Song Battle” feature will allow users to pit two songs against one another and gives everyone in the venue a chance to vote on which one will play next. And TouchTunes isn’t stopping there. Users can expect a number of other exciting post-launch social features that create unparalleled digital jukebox experiences, including “Collaborative Playlists” that enable group music selection.

The new mobile app is now in closed Beta and will be available for new and existing users to download starting in the Summer. For more information, and to stay in the know on what else is coming up from TouchTunes, please visit




About TouchTunes

TouchTunes is North America’s largest in-venue interactive music and entertainment platform, with its connected jukeboxes featured in more than 65,000 bars, restaurants, breweries, and other social venues across North America and Europe. Following its acquisition of Arachnid 360’s preeminent soft-tip electronic darts business in 2024, TouchTunes’ expanded network includes over 30,000 connected dart boards in bars and restaurants globally. TouchTunes’ platform provides location-based digital solutions that inspire social interactions through shared experiences.

TouchTunes supports a highly scalable digital out-of-home activation platform that provides targeted advertising and promotional opportunities for consumer brands and features a network of over 2,500 local operators who install equipment and take responsibility for maintenance, promotion, service, and support. TouchTunes is headquartered in New York City, with offices in Chicago, Montreal and London. For more information, visit and follow TouchTunes on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for the latest company news.


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