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Jukebox Music License Coverage

All songs played from the jukebox are fully licensed, with a few exceptions for certain business activity.

TouchTunes products are licensed with record labels and music publishers, as well as performing rights organizations (PROs), including ASCAP, GMR, SESAC and BMI in the United States.

The only exceptions are venues that leverage music as a core part of their business model. These venues must obtain a separate license directly with PROs to “perform” music publicly in their venue, regardless of the source. Examples of these business models include venues that charge admission to enter (including cover charges) and venues that use music directly in accompaniment with another paid service (such as adult dancing, karaoke or “disco bowling” nights).

Additionally, our licenses will not cover music played from a source other than our jukebox. The most frequent examples of this are venues that also allow live musical performances (including DJs) and when staff plugs in their phone to play music from their Spotify or Apple Music account. Remember: Even if you have acquired music legally, playing music publicly in a business establishment requires a proper commercial license with each PRO.