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3 Ways to Boost Employee Satisfaction, Productivity and Connection with Music in the Workplace

Employee Satisfication

Company culture is a buzz phrase that is ringing in employers’ ears—and prospective employees’ ears—around the country. The days of fresh breakroom coffee and ‘jeans Fridays’ are no longer cutting it when it comes to boosting employee morale. It’s time to play a different tune for your team and truly cultivate a workspace of satisfaction, productivity and connection. The power of music knows no bounds, and it’s ready to flow throughout your office and ignite a culture that’s off the charts!

From soothing, subtle sounds to toe-tapping beats that keep employees’ moods elevated, minds engaged and brains awake, let’s review three ways music transforms a flat note space into a symphony of success.


Improves Employee Satisfaction


Creating a healthy company culture where employees are satisfied with their roles and feel valued is more important now than ever. With the onset of the Great Resignation in 2021, millions of workers walked away from jobs in search of something different. Since then, employers have shifted priorities to focus on retention efforts, including mental health, which is directly correlated to employee well-being and satisfaction. According to Mental Health America, 78 percent of survey respondents said that their workplace stress affects their mental health. As opposed to other added perks in an office, like a ping-pong table or gym, interactive music is something employees can engage with every day, any time without having to step away from their work to enjoy. Plus, employees get to pick their own playlist for productivity and listen to what they want to hear, rather than be subjected to a soundtrack selected by their superiors. Music is proven to help people cope better with anxiety and other stressful emotions, and it has the power to lower cortisol levels, release endorphins, reduce emotional stress levels, and reduce stress-related symptoms, according to a Taylor & Francis Group 2020 analysis into music and stress. By bringing music into the workplace, employers are taking proactive steps to improve their team’s mental health, thereby improving employee satisfaction. Want to be a company that everyone wants to work for? Get yourself on the “Companies Where People Love To Work” list with one of the easiest ways to improve your workplace culture; a music experience that everyone loves with TouchTunes Unlimited!


Promotes Productivity at Work


With eight hours in a traditional workday, 40 hours in an employee's week and 52 weeks in a year, one might wonder if it’s even possible to remain productive at work for the long haul! The annual State of the Global Workplace 2022 Report by Gallup found that a mere 21 percent of employees are engaged at work. Research also shows a strong connection between engagement and outcomes, such as retention and productivity. As some employers scramble to find ways to promote employee engagement (i.e. brainstorms, team meetings, etc.), others have hit just the right note by introducing music into the work environment, which is proven to stimulate one’s mood and, in turn, elevate productivity. For instance, songs with faster beats tend to motivate, and research shared by Medical News Today found that happy songs can boost creativity. With a collaborative music experience, you can hear the productivity.


Creates Meaningful Workplace Connections


There’s something beautiful about a harmony, a choir and a dynamic duo. There is power in collaboration, and music has the unique ability to unite and connect us. Whether it begins with a few employees humming the same tune or it’s orchestrated by team members feeling the same groove from a single song, workplaces everywhere are craving the energy that only music can deliver. With nearly 80 percent of workers relying on collaboration tools, according to Gartner, Inc., the demand for team connections is at an all-time high. As organizations welcome new digital tools and resources to support this initiative, it’s time to look beyond the screen and into the soundwaves where rock, country, rap, hip hop, classical and more are ready and waiting to kick off the workday and carry even the most caffeine-deprived employee through the afternoon slump (while engaging others too with musical pick-me-ups they didn’t even know they needed).

Start each workday on a high note by inviting the power of music into your office. TouchTunes Unlimited helps create a unique, fun and energized atmosphere through a one-of-a-kind subscription-based music solution. With an exclusive catalog of music, workers everywhere are benefiting from an improved organizational culture and elevated office vibes. Belting out better employee satisfaction, higher work productivity and healthy team collaboration, we put strong company cultures on repeat.

Turn up the volume of your workplace by showing your team they come first. Learn more about adding a TouchTunes Unlimited jukebox to your workspace.