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Celebrate National Jukebox Day - Past, Present & Future

National Jukebox Day

Through the times of school dances, diners, Coca Colas in glass bottles, Route 66ers, happy news or feelin’ the blues, all you needed was to drop a quarter into the Jukebox and let the music carry you away. On this National Jukebox Day, we’d like to take a moment to appreciate where this American classic has been and where it has yet to venture. The Jukebox is turning another page older, another chapter wiser, but is nowhere near “the end” of its story.

Take a little trip with us down memory lane, where a jukebox with all the right songs crooned to us through moments of love, loss and hope for a brighter tomorrow. 


The Icon of the Ages


The jukebox’s “tale as old as time” might be a little older than you think. Its humble beginning started on November 23, 1889, when an inventor named Louis Glass installed something called a music machine – which looked nothing like a modern jukebox – in a San Francisco saloon. This is before amplification had been developed and listeners had to hear music play through a “listening tube” rather than out loud. Imagine how awkward those first dates would have been…

Fast-forward to the 1950s, when the jukebox reached the height of its popularity and as many as 750,000 of them were installed across the U.S. When music itself was at its most pivotal time in the 50s as the post-war generation was ready for a good time, it’s no wonder that jukeboxes became a staple in American history. The country was in a frenzy to have one of these ‘magical machines’ installed that could play every music icon of the 1900s. Speaking of icons, here are the top five jukebox hits of all time:

1.    Hound Dog, Elvis Presley (1956)
2.    Crazy, Patsy Cline (1961)
3.    Old Time Rock & Roll, Bob Seger (1979)
4.    I Heard It Through The Grapevine, Marvin Gaye (1968)
5.    Don’t Be Cruel, Elvis Presley (1956)

The Modern Marvel 


If you thought jukeboxes were a thing of the past, think again! While the machines are said to have been replaced by CDs and apps on smartphone devices, there are actual jukebox systems in places of play and work that are steadily rising in popularity. Over 65,000  bars and restaurants have installed a jukebox by TouchTunes and now, with TouchTunes Unlimited, workplaces across the country are hopping on board with the trend. Part of this is due to the rise in the importance of workplace culture. Additionally, diversity, equality and inclusion were HR leaders’ number one priority moving into 2022, and that number is expected to rise. What better way to encourage a diverse environment than with music from all cultures and tastes? 

Now, you may be wondering what a “modern” jukebox consists of. Think of it like a box that lives outside the box. There are still slots that take money – though that feature is optional – but the ability to pick any great hit across the generations remains the same. Some models even offer a photo booth feature and provide customized profiles and playlists based on each workplace’s unique needs. What’s more, TouchTunes jukeboxes boast a sleek and interactive design, LED lights, touchscreen, and a popular companion app. Now that’s taking a timeless classic and turning it into something delightfully modern.  


The Next Chapter


It’s safe to say that with the rise in focus on workplace culture across the U.S., there's room for the popularity of the modern jukebox to expand. The trends have shown that jukeboxes aren’t just for entertainment spaces anymore. Corporate offices, retail shops, warehouses and work spaces across every industry are listening to the needs of their employees and creating a culture that prioritizes satisfaction, happiness and connections with one another, all benefits of collaborative music. 

As jukeboxes become smarter and include more features, technological advances will keep driving the devices forward. The only question that remains is – where will the jukebox go next?

Are you ready to bring a piece of the past, present and future into your office space to spark collaboration and boost productivity and morale?


TouchTunes Unlimited makes it easier than ever to instill a fun, collaborative atmosphere in any workplace with a modern jukebox. Be a part of starting conversations and bringing great cultural experiences to your team with a jukebox that’s bringing joy to workplaces nationwide.