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5 Ways to Give Thanks to Your Employees

Giving Thanks

A “thank you” can go a long way, and in the workplace, it has the power to drive outcomes that will have lasting positive effects on company culture. With the holidays around the corner, it’s an ideal time for employers to consider singing the praises of their dedicated teams. Not only is it the perfect human touch to show kindness, but gratitude is the driving force behind recognition, which is most important to 37 percent of employees in encouraging better work productivity more often. In fact, employee recognition – or the way an organization shows thanks and appreciation for employees’ contributions – helps retention efforts, engagement and high performance. With that, giving thanks to employees starts a snowball effect of positive results and is essentially the gift that gives back. 

In a talent-driven workforce, the way employers show gratitude and instill a true sense of value among employees is important. A thank you email or ‘employee of the month’ certificate is not going to cut it in today’s work environment. Becoming a stellar company where top talent wants to work requires innovative ways of showing appreciation, and organizations around the country are hitting a new kind of thank you “note” to employees through music.


1. Give Employees a Say


The freedom of choice in the workplace is a valuable asset and is a way to show appreciation to your team all year round. There's power in choice, and organizations that welcome team feedback and input in decision-making are empowering their employees while boosting morale and culture. Also, when employees feel as if their voices or opinions are not heard or considered, they become silent and in turn, less engaged in the workplace. A creative way to invite personal preferences into the work environment is through shared music that creates an experience for the entire team. Without putting any pressure on employees to participate, the ability to select tunes for the team to enjoy opens the door to more personal expression at work.


2. Give Opportunities for Collaboration


Another idea to give thanks to employees in a creative, meaningful way is to invite collaborative experiences into the workplace. Whether you amp this up during the holiday season or make it a consistent mission, creating a space where shared experiences are a priority will certainly be an impactful way to portray a heart of gratitude for their many contributions. Collaboration at work can be anything from a group brainstorming session to selecting a musical playlist to jam out to before the big business pitch. These experiences create strong bonds and instill a sense of belonging, which will have workers giving gratitude right back. 


3. Give Breaks That Matter


Sometimes the days feel long, and the work feels endless. When employers expect constant rigid work from teams without a pause to chat or catch up with colleagues, it signals that the work is valued more than the people producing it. This type of environment can quickly become toxic where workers feel guilty taking breaks, and according to research, around 20 percent of employees feel uncomfortable when taking a break at work for fear of looking unproductive, when it should be the opposite. An employer that shows gratitude for the organization’s dedicated employees will encourage breaks and even promote them by turning up the volume on a classic rock hit or inviting the team to a mini dance party break to the latest anthem song.


4. Give Creative Encouragement


Sometimes an encouraging gesture can go a long way in displaying gratitude. And it’s important not to save this encouragement for annual reviews or holiday cards alone. With the right creative strategy, organizations can cultivate environments of daily encouragement through the use of interactive music. How? Well, songs are known to transform moods, inspire and motivate. Jumpstart a Monday with Elton John’s “I’m Still Standing,” or say thank you for an amazing work week – and invite a few smiles and laughs while you’re at it – by playing Europe’s “The Final Countdown.” Interactive music shows gratitude for your team’s efforts and creates an atmosphere where positive energy constantly lives, so it’s not just a switch that’s turned on and off when convenient. 


5. Give Team Experiences


There is much to be said about building a company culture where team experiences shine. While many employees might desire this type of collaborative environment, it’s up to the organization to set the tone, which ultimately shows gratitude for all individuals. Additionally, employers can celebrate big team wins, birthdays, and annual observances for the entire team to enjoy. Consider curating a playlist for each event to make it that much more thoughtful, and invite team members to bring food to share or cater the event. Team building strengthens culture, inspires collaboration and brings people together. 

Showing gratitude matters and can make all the difference in workplace culture. Employers should not ignore the lasting impacts of an employee who feels valued, as those who feel appreciated are 53 percent more likely to stay with an organization longer.


While it’s simple to recognize that showing thanks at work is the right thing to do, it takes innovation to truly play this theory out. TouchTunes Unlimited is keeping organizations on beat this holiday season and beyond with customized jukeboxes that set the tone for a spirit of thanksgiving.