TouchTunes Unlimited Music for Workplaces

TouchTunes Unlimited turns the TouchTunes jukebox experience enjoyed by millions of people every week in over 65,000 bars, restaurants, and social venues, into a subscription-based music solution for workplaces!  TouchTunes Unlimited lets employees create their workplace vibe together by choosing the music that plays on the TouchTunes jukebox.
A Unique Employee Perk
More than ever, employees value their everyday work experience, and TouchTunes Unlimited helps create a unique, vibrant and fun workplace culture.

A TouchTunes Unlimited subscription includes the award-winning TouchTunes jukebox, our popular companion app, unlimited employee-selected plays, and expertly curated background music channels. Plus, we’ll work with you to customize the music catalog to ensure it’s right for your business.

TouchTunes Unlimited is also great for Universities, Retail settings, and more. So don’t miss a beat and upgrade your musical vibe with TouchTunes Unlimited.
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Music With Style
The sleek, modern TouchTunes jukebox gets noticed and is the perfect complement to any workspace. Our jukeboxes play millions of songs every week in more than 60,000 locations across North America. With an extensive music catalog and expertly curated playlists, TouchTunes Unlimited lets your employees bond over finding their favorite songs and playing them together while at work.
Encourage interaction – not isolation
Listening to music with headphones or earbuds can lead to isolation. Instead of building a musical silo, TouchTunes Unlimited leverages the power of employee-selected music to open new possibilities for fun, creative, team-building interactions.
Music makes a better workplace
TouchTunes Unlimited is the next frontier in improving workplace happiness and culture. Goodbye static, repetitive background music that no one enjoys. Hello TouchTunes Unlimited!

Music with TouchTunes Unlimited helps create a thriving workplace by helping to:
Build motivation
Reduce stress
Enhance job performance
Increase happiness
And research* shows that thriving workplace cultures are:
More likely to have highly engaged employees
More likely to have a higher incidence of great work
More likely to have promoters in the Net Promoter Score
"TouchTunes has been a great addition to the overall environment and feel of working onsite at F5. We love the ease of use, configuration, management, and music selection. Our users love the afternoon throwbacks playlist that we have set for afternoons, especially on Friday afternoons where everyone is ready to kick start their weekends.
If you’re looking for a great interactive, low-cost, great customer service, and ease of use music playback system for your company, then look no further than TouchTunes.”

F5 Networks, Seattle, WA
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Unique Perk:
Energize your employees and let them choose the workplace music together
TouchTunes Jukebox:
Elegant and modern, the perfect compliment to any workplace
Popular Mobile App:
Loved by millions, and soon by your employees too.
Unlimited, Free Plays:
Employees choose the workplace music with unlimited free plays
Flexible Music Catalog:
We will work with you to ensure the music catalog is right for your business
Background Music Channels:
Dayparted background channels built by expert TouchTunes curators and updated weekly
Expert Support:
Our support staff is available to you any time via phone, email or chat.
Music Licensed for Business:
We ensure that artists are paid fairly for every play.
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