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You've got great coffee, comfy sofas, and happy hours, but is your company’s workplace still missing a beat?
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What is Music at Work?
Music At Work brings interactive music to your workplace, helping you create a vibrant and engaging office environment. More than ever, employees highly value their everyday work experience, which begins when they walk through the doors of your company each day. With Music At Work your employees can select and enjoy music from the TouchTunes jukebox installed in a common area such as the lobby, employee lounge, kitchen, or game room.
A sleek, contemporary music solution for the office
The stylish and cutting-edge jukebox from TouchTunes is the perfect complement to any workplace. With a sleek, modern design and visionary function, our award-winning jukeboxes play millions of songs every week in more than 65,000 venues across North America. Your employees will enjoy searching our vast catalog of music and expertly curated playlists to play their favorite songs and discover new ones.
A jukebox encourages interactions–not isolation
Listening to music with headphones or earbuds can lead to isolation. Instead of building a musical silo, the TouchTunes jukebox opens up new possibilities for employee engagement and comradery—team-building interactions that are fun, creative, and social.
Why Music at Work?
Music At Work is the next frontier for influencing employee happiness and job satisfaction. Did you know that studies have shown that playing music in the workplace can:
Build motivation
Reduce stress
Enhance job performance
Increase happiness
Additionally, thriving workplace
cultures are:
More likely to have highly engaged employees
More likely to have a higher incidence of great work
More likely to have promoters in the Net Promoter Score
Getting started is easy.
  • Customize the Music Catalog: Partner with a member of our music team to customize the music catalog on your jukebox to fit your office vibe.
  • Schedule the Install: Included with the service is installation and ongoing service of the jukebox.
  • Tell your Employees: Socialize your new employee perk through the provided communication templates.
  • Play, Listen & Enjoy: Using the TouchTunes app, your staff can select and play the music they love.
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More reasons to jazz up your office with Music at Work:
As part of a modern evolving workplace, music can create a vibrant culture and enjoyable experience, with positive results for your entire company. Current research* shows that great workplace cultures generate an energy that fuels people to innovate.
  • Employees think of their employee experience as their everyday experiences—all the conversations, interactions, and things they see and hear every single day they go to work.
  • When employees have great everyday experiences, they feel more positive about other areas of company culture—they are more engaged and more likely to do more great work, be innovative, provide excellent customer service and be more productive.
  • Employee experience has evolved to encompass those things that make people want to come to work, with an emphasis on culture, workplace, and an intentionally designed experience.
How better to support a great workplace culture than enabling your teams to choose and share the office music while reflecting your brand and vibe.
* 2020 Global Culture Report by the O.C Tanner Institute
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