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TouchTunes Mobile Application Wallet Change Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to my TouchTunes Dollars?
We’ve made the wallet easier to use and eliminated TouchTunes Dollars. On your first login with the newest version of the mobile app we automatically converted each TouchTunes Dollar in your Wallet into 3 bonus credits.  For example, if you had 10 TouchTunes Dollars, you got 30 bonus credits.  These bonus credits can be used at any jukebox without a transfer and expire 180 days after they were converted. 

How does the new Wallet work?
With the new wallet, you no longer have to purchase TouchTunes Dollars.  Now you simply check in and purchase credits directly for each jukebox where you'd like to play songs.  If you have bonus credits, those credits will be spent before any purchased credits. 

How do I redeem promo codes?
To redeem a promo code, simply go to the wallet, tap on the "Redeem Promo" button and enter the promo code to get your credits.  You can see your promo credits in the Bonus Credits section. 

Will I still earn rewards?
Yes. This change does not impact our loyalty and rewards program.

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